Days like these

  Trust me when I say that there are times when I think I would be much happier as a barista in a quaint coffee shop instead of working in a hospital. The life of a Respiratory Therapist is an often thankless one and we tend to be treated with little respect. We manage airways, assess lung function and preach smoking cessation to people who do not want to hear it. We are also waiters and waitresses, short order cooks, housekeepers and verbal punching bags to patients, nurses and doctors. We have one of the best jobs in healthcare.

There are days where all you do is go room to room and give breathing treatments and then there are days when you actually make a difference in someone’s life. Days where you get to see the look on a patient’s face when they are hearing themselves talk for the first time in weeks. Days where you feel the stress and worry ease off of a mother who brought her child into ER because they couldn’t breathe. Days when you feel the joy of  families who watched how hard their loved one worked to come off of the ventilator. Even days when there is a Doctor or Nurse that listens to your recommendations because it is your specialty. It’s days like these that makes me love my job.

Happy Respiratory Care week fellow RT’s!!



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