Blue Birds

My beautiful Grandmother writes a poem about each of her great-grandchildren and we were lucky to have her write something for Deidre that I wanted to share with you.

Beloved baby daughter of Anna and Sean

You could not live little girl. Heaven needed you.

You are now one of God’s tiniest Angels watching over your family here on Earth.

Does God in all his wisdom, his fatherly concern for man, give you his tiniest Angel the task of spreading love?

Do you fly over rainbows as blue birds fly?

Do you swing from distant stars, winking and blinking a Morris code of love, “everlasting love”?

Do you sit on the edge of a silvery moon hovering over those you treasure, sending love beams to surround and comfort full measure?

Do all the tiniest Angels, their arms and hearts now free, reach out with boundless love to grieving families?

When we cast our eyes to Heaven, though we see not what is there.

Our faith and trust are gifts of God.

Another home, a joyful place in a beautiful forever.

Thank you, Grandma Stella. Your words brought peace and comfort to us and we can’t wait to share them with our future children.


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