Last Call

This past extended weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long, long time. Time was spent out with friends, cozy nights at home, relaxing with family, enjoying a beautiful day at the zoo and celebrating milestones. I turned 31 on Sunday and it was the perfect way to spend a birthday.

Monday night marked a milestone that was the end of a chapter in our lives. Pauli’s Bar closed after over 30 years and we were there to bid farewell. When my husband and I first starting dating I spent many nights at the bar flirting while he bartended and getting to know the guys that would become like family to me. I earned the nickname “Pacman” with the guys because whenever I texted Sean (which was A LOT) his Pacman ringtone would echo in the bar. It became like our own Cheers where many memories were made and events were celebrated. It was a good ride and we were sad to see the doors close one last time. So long, old friend.



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