To make a house a home

For obvious reasons I have come to despise the various cliché things people say in an attempt to make you feel better when something bad happens.  Among my favorite awful things you could ever say to someone in pain is “everything happens for a reason” or “it was meant to be”. That being said…I will BEGRUDGINGLY admit that looking back they do apply to our never-ending house hunt.

We started looking for a house in March and I swear we probably look at around 50 houses. We found something wrong with everything we looked at. It was a noisy neighborhood, the street was too busy, we didn’t like that part of town and blah, blah, blah. We found a few that we liked and put offers in on 8 different houses. That is 7 nerve-racking and migraine inducing offers that fell through until we finally found the gem that we are living in now.

This house is perfect. Exactly what we had in mind when we decided we wanted to buy a house-minus the one car garage and driveway, but we adapted. 🙂 It was an old house, built in 1947, and it has everything that I find charming in an old house. Arched doorways, original wood floors, 4 large bedrooms and even an old coal chute in the basement.

As soon as we closed on the house we got to work cleaning, taking down disgusting wall paper, painting and tearing up some very red carpet. Looking back, we probably were a bit ambitious taking on the amount of work we did but with the help some pretty awesome friends and family we got it all done. We finished 5 rooms in under a week…can you say exhaustion?

There is still so much that we want to do to the house. The bathroom needs to be gutted and built from scratch, I would still love to paint the kitchen cabinets and replace the kitchen flooring, we need to do something about the wall paper and tiny window to the garage in the first floor bathroom and the list goes on and on. It will be a never-ending process but we love every minute of it. We have become those home owners that continually dream of the next project we want to tackle.

Bring. It. On!!



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