All smiles

What a difference a few days can make. I admit, Saturday was a bad day for me. It was the result of a lot of different things that I let build up and then had yet another of my emotional temper tantrums. I have a hard time remembering that I can’t change the past and while yes, it sucks, there is nothing I could have done or can do about it now. Today, it’s all smiles for this girl.

I think a combination of laughing my face off watching ridiculously bad movies with friends on Saturday night, changing another light fixture by myself (ok, ok…so all I did was change the glass part of it. No electricity for me because something would go tragically wrong!), seeing our old kitchen table go from this…

to this…

Celebrating my Mom and Dad’s birthdays on Sunday with a delish German food feast (that we were all so excited to dig into we forgot to take pictures) and a lot of this…

and this crazy guy…

Finally digging out some decorations for Thanksgiving since I skipped right over Halloween…

Getting some pretty awesome news, being so engrossed in a new book that I find it impossible to put down and looking forward to spending the entire day with the Husband tomorrow…I’d say that this funk is officially over!


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