It was a good day

No, I don’t mean the awesome Ice Cube song. Although thinking about it transports me back to about 7th grade…

After stuffing ourselves on whiskey marinated ribeyes last night, Sean and I slept in and took our time around the house before we headed out for a day of Christmas shopping. It was such a pretty day out we decided to grab some lunch and head out to Village Point to enjoy the weather and get some shopping done at the same time. It was, dare I say, a Top 10 Day? I think so!

Top 10 Days-November 16th Edition

10. The weather was perfect…a tad chilly, but perfect.

9. I suppose I’m obligated to say that I got to spend the whole day with Sean…and I guess that was pretty nice. 🙂

8. Finding the perfect start for invitations for my Sister’s baby shower. It’s going to be epic.

7. Browsing through fun Christmas decorations at a few stores. I’m excited to decorate the new house and I admit that I am slooowwwwllllyyyy beginning to enjoy the Christmas music everyone is playing. Although, I still believe that stores shouldn’t play it until after Thanksgiving. Respect the other holidays, yo!

6. Finding some perfect gifts for some of our siblings…and standing in the middle of the store laughing our faces off at said gift while everyone stares at us like we are crazy. Yup, we are those people.

5. Getting a few things for summer on mega clearance and finding a great sale on my favorite soda (that is normally outrageous). My garage is now stocked and I am in discount heaven!

4. Visiting my brother at work and seeing his co-worker use it as an opportunity to make him sweat by telling him we were some very irate customers. Priceless!

3. Having one of my favorite meals of all time and making enough so I can have it again tomorrow at work. I love me some chicken and stuffing!

2. New episode of Psych on tonight.

1. Breaking out in crazy song and dance with Sean while we were out and about today. I really love that man!

That about wraps up this edition of Top 10 Days. I’m off to go get comfy on the couch and slip into a food coma. Have a great night!


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