Oh the places…

I firmly believe that traveling can help heal a person’s soul. In fact, one of the first thoughts I had while we were still in the hospital after losing Deidre was that I wanted (needed) to get away for a few days. Unfortunately, I was under doctors orders not to travel so we never actually got to go anywhere. Everyone needs down time where they can unwind, turn their brains off of their worries and just focus on themselves and relaxation.

Growing up, we took a family vacation to South Dakota every year. A lot of my friends didn’t understand the appeal in to going to the same place  over and over again because it was “boring”. They couldn’t be farther from the truth. South Dakota – or more specifically Rafter J Bar in the middle of the Black Hills was like a second home to us. It was relaxing and familiar and we looked forward to returning. As I’ve grown up I haven’t had as many chances to get back there as I wish I could but we did take a family trip last year to celebrate my sister’s wedding.

When I started college I ventured out to a few new vacation destinations and since then I’ve also become quite attached to Colorado. Sean and I both have very close family and friends that live in or near Denver and we like to use visiting them as an excuse to get away. We love the cities just as much as we do the mountains. Colorado has also become a sentimental place for us because we got engaged at the top of Pikes Peak.

Over the years we’ve gone to quite a few other destinations for various things.  From Las Vegas to help some friends move-

to Chicago for Sean’s brother’s wedding –

to Jamaica for our honeymoon.

Hands down, my favorite vacation so far was the trip I took with Sean and my mom to see my sister while she was working in Dublin. It had been a dream of  ours to visit Ireland for a long time and it was beyond awesome that we were able to do it together. My only complaint is that we weren’t there long enough, there is still so much that I want to see. I absolutely fell in love with the county. The scenery was beautiful, the seafood was to die for, the accent made my heart melt and the coffee was indescribably delicious. A part of me even enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Dublin.

Someday, I will return to this beautiful country. There is just something about the peaceful nature of the countryside that just pulls at you and leaves you longing for more…


One thought on “Oh the places…

  1. Other than the Black Hills – Ireland is my favorite place in the world and I want to go back sometime. Perhaps it is our ancestors speaking to us?


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