Did anyone else take part in Cyber Monday today and think that it was a total bust? Maybe I wasn’t up early enough or wasn’t looking at the right sites but I don’t feel like there were many crazy deals today. In fact, I think the best deal I got was free shipping which is nice, but not what I was expecting. I was able to buy a few more gifts for people but it was all stuff I was waiting to order until today hoping for a sweet sale. Shopping fail.


On a completely separate note, let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time at my in laws house, there lived baby ducks hidden away under a bush so that no one could see them. One day, at a great gathering, these darling baby ducks revealed themselves to two beautiful young maidens. When these young maidens told others of what they had seen, no one believed them. Everyone mocked them and blamed this false vision on the grog.

No matter how hard the young maidens tried to find the baby ducks, they would no longer reveal themselves to such an unimaginative crowd. Days passed by with no sign of the ducks until one afternoon brought false hope. In place of those darling baby ducks were rubber toys left behind by a Hooligan! The horror!

The young maidens abandoned all hope that they would see the baby ducks again until one day, two more ducks appeared on the doorstep of one of the maiden’s cottage.

(Hardy har har, Mr. and Mrs. Grant! I would pay to see you sneaking through the neighbor’s yard so I wouldn’t see you put this on the porch!!)

Meet our new Christmas Ducks! We will be taking votes on their names so kindly submit your suggestions to myself or the Husband.

And P.S. The ducks were real!!!!


4 thoughts on “Bust

  1. those ducks were real! we did not make that up, i wasnt even drunk at that point. you should name the ducks darkwing and scrooge macduck


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