As I was pulling out my Christmas stuff last weekend I was reminded of just how much holiday decorations I own. Not only do I have a ton of Christmas decorations, I’m pretty sure I have just as much Halloween decorations if not more. It’s become a bit of a joke with our families who have had the pleasure of helping me move A LOT the past few years but what can I say, I’m a creature of habit and holiday decorating is an alright habit to have.

Growing up, my family really got into our holidays. Pastels covered the house at Easter, flags lined the driveway on the Fourth of July, spider webs and witches invaded at Halloween and Christmas was filled with twinkle lights, the scent of evergreen and tinsel. It was amazing to grow up in an atmosphere that encouraged expressing your love of holidays.

Decorating was just one of the many traditions we had growing up. Some have been around for as long as I can remember and others we’ve developed as we’ve gotten older. There are so many that I want to carry on for our children and I hope that they will find them as exciting as I did and still do. Here is a small list of traditions that come to mind:

  1. Birthdays– We get to choose what we want for dinner and each person get a small basket of candy at their place setting at dinner
  2. Easter– Easter egg hunt and hidden baskets. It was fun to have to work for it!
  3. Fourth of July – Of course there is homemade ice cream, the epic tank vs. chicken battles, but recently we’ve started having yard game olympics and setting our “professional” fireworks display to music (which is really just 2 people lighting fireworks at the same time while a third blasts patriotic music on a car stereo that is pulled into the front yard).
  4. Halloween – My second favorite holiday! Aside from the general decorating, costumes and trick-or-treating it has become a tradition for me to watch at least Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein and Hocus Pocus. I remember one awesome Halloween that my mom did the whole shebang – peeled grapes, cold wet spaghetti noodles and jello and blind folded all of us and made us stick our hands in it. It was disgusting and awesome!!
  5. Thanksgiving – Watching the Macy’s Day Parade in my pajamas (I know it’s cheesy and lame, but it’s tradition!) eating cinnamon vanilla french toast, catching the highlights of the dog show with my family and Thanksmas/Christgiving with Sean’s family!
  6. Christmas – There are so many! Movie, family dinner, picking one gift to open and the shenanigans that take place on Christmas Eve, opening stockings first on Christmas morning, new ornament for everyone each year, wicked awesome breakfast pizza after gifts and so many more.

As much as my husband LOVES (not!)  some of these, I’ve really enjoyed carrying them over into married life and I can’t wait to continue them with our future children. I’m hoping to add even more down the road, I already have a few ideas in mind and I can’t wait to see how they play out. What kinds of traditions do you enjoy with your families?


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