A thousand times, thank you

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone that has stood by our side and to those that have stepped forward with kind words during our time of healing. It is really a humbling experience to see others so affected by something that is so personal to us. I know I sing the praises of our family and friends almost daily and have devoted posts to say thanks many times, but in my mind it will never truly be enough.

As December 17th draws near, it continues to be a struggle to realize that we are at the end of a journey that we were so excited to begin. Having a baby and raising them to understand and love the same values that we cherish was something that we always dreamed of and it grew monumentally during every day of my pregnancy. We still hold that desire very close in our hearts and pray that we will be blessed with a happy and healthy baby soon.

So thank you, a thousand times….thank you.



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