DIY: Baby Shower Invites

I think it’s safe to post this DIY because everyone should have received their invites by now (I hope!) – except for the honoree because I am a bad sister and forgot to send her one. Not to worry, I had already put one aside for her I just forgot to actually get it to her.

I spent some time thinking of themes for Katie’s baby shower and decided I wanted something fun and out of the ordinary. I stumbled across some really cute invites on Etsy and decided to base the shower off of those. The invites themselves were a bit expensive but it was easy enough to recreate them at home and add a few twists of my own. (I apologize in advance for the photos. I was in the basement and the lighting is terrible!)

What you need

  • notecards, DIY invites or card stock and envelopes
  • computer and printer
  • scissors
  • tape or glue
  • ribbon or other embellishments

This project was simple to put together after the invites were printed but I did have some difficulty with the layout. I am a perfectionist and it just wouldn’t cooperate.

  1. Spend days working on the layout. Then cuss at said layout. Then change said layout. Then decide the first layout was perfect and cuss at yourself for changing it to begin with. I used Word and just played around with fonts. I had downloaded a bunch of different fonts that I used for our wedding and they worked pretty well with this theme. I found the mustache image as free clip art on Google.
  2. Print the invites on your card stock, notecards or DIY invitations. I used 4×6 notecards.
  3. Secure ribbon or embellishments with either tape or glue-I used tape.
  4. Enjoy your semi-professional looking invitations. Definitely more semi than professional.

Looking back, I would have used white notecards and bold letters to make the colors pop – but I like the way they turned out. Much better than my chicken scratch handwriting would have looked!

Total Cost: $2.99!!

  • Notecards and envelopes – already owned.
  • Clip art and fonts – free and found on Google.
  • Tape – already owned
  • Scissors – already owned
  • 6 pack of ribbon – $2.99 at Big Lots

On a different note, I have an update on a previous DIY project I posted. Remember when I made that river rock tray to store wet shoes? Apparently the glue I used was terrible and every single one of the rocks flew across my living room today after I barely bumped it with the vacuum. Let me tell ya, that was fun to clean up. Boo you rocks.

DIY fail 😦

Better luck next time. Or better glue at least.


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