Making a change for the positive

As I’ve said before (many, many) many times, Sean and I really leaned on our friends  to help us through when we lost Deidre. Not only were they a shoulder to cry on, they also knew when that was not what we needed and instead were just there to take our minds off of everything. We both have a wide variety of friends and it is great that both groups meshed together so well and many of us all hang out in huge groups. We also include our siblings among our friends – I for one consider my brother and sister two of my best friends.

And yes, there is something wrong with us…

For the past few years, Sean and I have thrown a Thanksgiving or “Friendsgiving” for our friends. We supply the turkey and invite everyone to bring something to share. We eat too much, drink too much and laugh until all hours of the night. The first year we did it, we had a blast and were already getting requests for the next year so we knew it was something we wanted to continue.

When we were talking about dates for Friendsgiving this year we knew it would be difficult to work around our schedules. We tossed around a few dates and finally settled on December 17th. I debated with myself for a second because I knew how hard this date was going to be on me and I wasn’t sure that I would want anyone around. Then I realized – what better way for Sean and I to honor Deidre’s life than to be surrounded by family and friends. We turned to them so much it only seems fitting that they are all there. In a way, it will make something that I’ve looked at with such disgust recently a positive event.


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