Irish Angel

Dear Deidre~

Today is going to be a very hard day for your Papa and I. We should be getting ready to meet you if you weren’t already snuggled close in our arms but instead we are still grieving over your loss. Sometimes I dream that you are in my arms, cuddling in the middle of the night and I like to think that it really is you visiting us. It’s been a tough road for us as we’ve tried to understand why you were taken from us so suddenly and it will be hard on us for a very long time.

We loved you so much, baby girl. There was so much that we wanted to show you and teach you and I think of new things every day that I would have loved to share with you. You would have loved Christmas time. All of the sparkling lights and shiny ornaments, spending time with family and being passed from person to person so they could show you new and exciting things.  You would have loved the nursery we had set up for you too. Bright colors, soft teddy bears, colorful books – you would have been so excited to spend hours playing in your room. I know that you are not here with us to be able to see these things, but I know that you are watching and learning these things through our eyes now.

There are so many people who wanted to meet you. So many people who you have touched with your short time with us. Our family and friends are some of the most wonderful and loving people you would have met and they were all very sad when you left us. Many have told me how you changed their lives too, how they have been able to open up and accept different things. We always knew you would be a special little girl and you continue to amaze us everyday when we hear of how your story touched someone.

I hope you are happy in your new home. If you take after your Papa, I’m sure that you are surrounded by friends that were easy for you to make. If you take after me, you might be a little more reserved and shy but the friends that you make will be with you forever and will become family to you. Be sure to be a good cousin and keep an eye out for Bubbles too, but I’m sure that you two have become the best of friends already and spend the days playing.

I am happy knowing that you aren’t suffering, sweet girl, but I still wish there was something I could have done to keep any of that pain from you. As your Mama, I never wanted anything to hurt you and I hated that no matter what we did, we still lost you. You have taught your Papa and I to love more deeply than either of us thought was possible. There is a special place reserved in our hearts for you and you will always be in it.

You are our Angel now, sweet girl, as I believe you were always meant to be. Keep watch over us and protect us from harm. When it is time for your Papa and I to bring another baby into this world, your brother or sister will hear about you from the day they are born. It’s not often that a big sister is there to protect their brothers and sisters through everything and that is why you are so special. You are our tiny Irish Angel and we love and miss you so very much.

With all of our love,

Mama and Papa


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