Busy busy

Whew, what a busy time of year! Our weekend was filled with parties and family get togethers and it flew by. On Saturday night, we hosted our 3rd (I think!) Annual Friendsgiving with our closest friends. We supplied the turkey and drinks and everyone brought some delicious sides and desserts to share. It was exactly what Sean and I needed on such a down day for us. In fact, I was too busy enjoying everyone’s company to snap any pictures. You know it’s a successful party when there are empty bottles of booze everywhere, cookies and desserts scattered about and mashed potatoes on the wall the next morning.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day for us. We cleaned up the house, napped for a little while and then celebrated Sean’s birthday with his family that night. Monday was his actual birthday and I treated him to a movie before we met some folks out for Monday Night Football and wings.

Today was spent finished up our Christmas shopping, running errands, wandering through a local museum and visiting a very dear  family member that was recently placed in hospice. Lily has been a Grandmother to my siblings and I for as long as we can remember and we have so many memories and stories that we could share of her. Maybe I’ll share a few in another post. We all pray that she remains comfortable and is able to see her 98th birthday this Friday. We love you, Lily!


One thought on “Busy busy

  1. Lizz only took 14 pictures at Friendsgiving, which might sound like a reasonable number, but be sure to ask her how many she took of your quilt before she gave it to you sometime.


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