Out with the old

I wish I could be positive and say that today marks the end of a fabulous year, the beginning of an even better one and then list all of the reason why it was so amazing…but if I did, I would be lying. Let’s be honest, 2011 sucked a**. Yeah there were a few upsides to this year (such as finally buying a house and visiting Ireland) but to me, the negatives stand out in my mind so much more than the positives.

You put us through such a crazy whirlwind of emotions, 2011. From the highest of highs to far lower than we thought we could ever go, you ushered us right through every twist and turn leaving an evil giggle in your wake. Seriously, it was like you set out just to screw with us. You took us through 8 migraine inducing offers on homes before you brought us to the beauty we have now. You gave us a daughter while we visited the Emerald Isle and then heartbreakingly ripped her away from us months before she was due. You not only took the smallest member of our family, but your grand finale was to take the oldest as well. 2011 – from the bottom of my heart, I truly want nothing more than for you to suck it.

It’s not just us that you had such an evil time toying with. You brought terrible flooding and left many, many people without homes, jobs and a way of life. Many of our family and friends have had a very rough year from terrible sicknesses to losing dear family members to awful disappointments in their personal lives and I know that they hold the same sentiment that we do.

I will, however, praise you for bringing Sean and I closer than we have ever been before. Something that could have been devastating to a relationship made us shine through the darkness. I will thank you for bringing us closer to so many friends and both of our families who in turn helped us through you. Thank you for the experiences you gave us, despite how terrible they were. You were awful to us, but we used it as an opportunity to grow into what we have become today.

So here’s to you, 2011. Let us thank you for stopping by and bid you a less than fond farewell. May you ride out with the wind that I despise so much and perish in the fiery depths of oblivion where I’m sure 2012 is waiting in the wings jumping at the chance to swoop down and save us from your evil wrath.



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