New year, new promises

Happy New Year everyone and greetings 2012! If you are anything like I imagine you will be, we will get along just fine. 🙂 Last night was a pretty low-key celebration for us and it was perfect. Some very good friends of ours put together a shindig at their house complete with delicious food, fun games, Xbox demonstrations and flowing champagne at midnight. We laughed the night away and slept the morning away today to make up for the late night. Today has been spent hunkering down from the bitter wind outside (seriously Mother Nature – 2011 is long gone, you can stop now!), drinking hot tea, snuggling and watching movies. Pretty great start to the new year if I say so myself.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what promises I wanted to make for 2012. As I said before, I don’t like to use the word resolutions and I’m not really sure why besides it’s the “it” thing to say at the start of every year. I also don’t like to set goals because to me, that means something along the lines of setting a goal weight or a goal time for a 5K. Don’t get me wrong, those are perfectly fine goals, promises or resolutions for someone, it’s just not what I’m looking at for myself.

I like to make yearly promises because to me, promises are very important. For instance, our wedding vows were some of the most important promises that I will make in my entire life and I live by them daily. If I take my promises so seriously, why not declare my “resolutions” or “goals” as promises? Sean has agreed to join me in this effort and post some of his own – although he prefers to use the word goals. I’ll post mine first to break the ice for the poor guy, I think he might have a wee bit of stage fright. 😉

2012 Promises – Anna

  1. Walk/run/bike/elliptical at least 10 miles a week. I know this seems like a cliché thing to say at the start of the new year but it is in fact one of the top promises to myself. I already do this and I want to maintain this effort for quite a few reasons. I like to lead a healthy lifestyle and staying physically active is a very important part of that.
  2. Take advantage of at least 1 solid uninterrupted hour of relaxation – or “me” time – a week. This can be with an easy yoga, some reading, taking a nap or simply listening to music. I know 1 hour doesn’t seem like much but let’s be real, life is crazy and time can get away from us. I’m sure there will be weeks where I will be able to take more time for relaxation but this promise is aimed towards those weeks where there aren’t enough hours in the day but relaxation is needed the most.
  3. Finish at least 1 bedroom from top to bottom. We finished our bedroom before we moved in and the renovation motivation pretty much stopped after that. I also promise not to be a nut job perfectionist in the process!
  4. Be less cell phone dependent – especially at family gatherings. I don’t know if it’s my age or my surroundings but lately the use of cell phones has really started to bother me. It seems that more often than not quite a few people have their cell phones out ALL THE TIME no matter what we are doing. You Tube videos at the table when we are out to dinner (ahem, Sean!) and texting at family dinners are both perfect examples of what I want to get away from. I want to be present in my surroundings and enjoy everyone’s company. I realize this may seem jaded because I tend to use the camera on my phone as my only camera, but snapping a few quick shots is way better than just playing with your phone to play with it.  Hey, if I’m lucky maybe I can get the husband to join in this one too!
  5. Learn sign language. This is always something that I’ve wanted to do and what better time than the present to start learning. Whenever we start a family I want to utilize baby sign language for the little ones and I think it would be great if I had actual knowledge of sign language. Little Paul – I might be looking to you as a tutor!

2012 Goals – Sean (as written by the man himself)

  1. Exercise more frequently. Just to try to be a little less squishy.
  2. Read more books, and not just books about baseball. Mix in a novel or two, but preferably something without glittery, slightly femme, vampires.
  3. Learn sign language. It’s time to actually learn a second language and one I feel more people should learn.
  4. Take care of household projects. Painting rooms, switching out faucets, trimming back trees, actually cleaning gutters, cleaning garage, creating better storage solutions around the home.
  5. Eat more pizza
  6. Drink more beer and whiskey

There you have it! We’ll be checking in every once in a while with updates as to how our promises and goals are coming along. Perhaps I can even get the Husband to do a few guest posts on here as well. He’s a pretty funny guy…most of the time! 🙂

What kinds of resolutions, goals or promises are you or your loved ones making for the coming year?


3 thoughts on “New year, new promises

  1. Wow, I was totally joking when I typed the last two items on my list. I thought she would delete those before it got put up. Oh well too late I guess I’ll just have to abide by the goals I’ve set


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