A day in the life

Well, this just about sums up my day…

That’s right, I was spackling. After logging a few miles at the gym, running errands, cleaning the house and starting to set up for my sister’s baby shower I spent the afternoon starting on my promise to finish at least one room. I might be jumping the gun a little bit, but I figure the sooner I get started the more time I will have to finish it once my procrastination kicks in. I had intended to do a lot more today (like running something for the baby shower over to a friend’s house – crap!) but time got away from me once I got started.

Since moving in, we’ve noticed that it appears that nails were used instead of dry wall screws and many of them are making an appearance again. I spent quite awhile covering every square inch of the walls in this bedroom so I could hammer those nails back where they belong. I forgot to take a picture of how many there were, but let’s just leave it at a lot. I actually ran out of spackle covering everything. I spent another hour or so removing some ridiculous wall decorations that were left behind by the previous owners (seriously – I should post some pictures of the crap they left here! A huge heart shelf in the same room as curtain rods with footballs on the ends of them…strange…) and called it a day once I could no longer feel my arms.

Now, I am sufficiently exhausted and am going to plop my behind on the couch with the Husband and watch some Sherlock on Netflix (which is hilarious and I totally recommend giving it a try, it’s almost a British version of Psych!) Happy Tuesday everyone!



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