DIY: Banner

Whew! Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of Friday the 13th, especially when working in a hospital. I meant to post this yesterday but work was a giant 12 hour ball of suck so I was basically comatose on the couch by about 8:30 last night. Therefore…you get it today 🙂

I received some questions asking where I ordered the Owen banner for Katie’s baby shower from. Secret’s out – I didn’t buy it, I made it and it was really easy and cheap.

What you need

  • decorative paper
  • ruler
  • pen
  • scissors (holiday themed optional 🙂 )
  • vinyl letters
  • popsicle stick
  • adhesive
  • computer and printer for last-minute additions
  • yarn or ribbon
  • paper punch (not pictured)

Like my other DIY projects…pretty simple.

  • Measure the size of triangles (or whatever shape) you want for the banner.
  • Connect the dots with a pen. I did this on the side of the scrapbook paper that I didn’t want to show in case I made any errors.
  • Use your festive scissors to cut them out.
So exciting.
  • Once they are cut out, use your popsicle stick to transfer the letters to the paper. The letters I bought came with directions on the back and were really simple to follow and easy to use. Basically you take the backing off, use the popsicle stick to smooth the letters onto the surface you want them to stick to and then peel the top off slowly. Easy peasy.
  • Decide to add 2 extra triangles to the banner and spend an hour trying to print the perfect size mustaches for them. Then spend another hour cursing yourself for having the idea as you try to cut them out.
  • Glue or tape the mustaches to the triangles.
  • Realize that you probably could have printed them a wee bit bigger.
  • Paper punch holes to weave your yarn or ribbon through.
  • Enjoy your work.
Not to be modest, but the picture doesn’t really do it justice. I love the way it turned out…plus I was able to give it to Katie to use in the nursery!
Total Cost: $8.03!
  • 3 sheets scrapbook paper – $2.07 (.69 a piece)
  • Vinyl letters – $5.96 ($1.49 a piece)
  • Yarn – already owned
  • Everything else – already owned!

Much cheaper and more personal than other pre made baby shower decorations! Happy Saturday and Merry Crafting everyone!

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