Pure Happiness

Well hello there! I’m having a pretty darn good week over here (minus feeling a bit under the weather yesterday – but I contribute that to being at work and running my behind off for 12 hours) so I thought I would share a few moments of pure happiness with you.

Watching Henry be so interested in what his Grandma is doing. He loves seeing everything that is going on and he really took an interest when she was working on her loom.

 Afternoon snacks filled with roasted almonds and cinnamon peppermint hot chocolate with absurd amounts of marshmallows in it. Mmmmm…..

The beautiful days we’ve been having. I don’t mean temperature because it’s really freaking cold out – but the days are filled with gorgeous sunshine and bright blue skies!

Cozy nights on the couch watching Netflix or reading (you have to check out this book…it is HILARIOUS!) with a nice cup of hot tea. Perfect way to end a day!

Seeing this on my screen every time I turn the computer on. I laugh so hard!

This adorable (seriously Lizz, these are amazing!)  save the date we got in the mail today! Not only is it so cute I want to keep in on my fridge forever, it’s for two of our awesome friends and we are so excited for their wedding!

I hope you are having an amazing week as well! Until next time!



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