Taste of Home

Today was the exact opposite of yesterday because I was up and at ’em by about 8:30 this morning and at the gym by 9. By 1 pm I had the grocery shopping done, laundry started, lunch eaten and a glorious nap all under my belt. It’s getting harder to keep that motivation going as the pup is quite snuggly again today. My plan is to clean up the spackle in the room that I started a few weeks ago and then spend the rest of the day doing nothing. We’ll see how far I get…

When I stepped outside this morning, I was immediately reminded of the cool misty mornings we woke up to during our time in Ireland. Granted, we were only there for a week but it instantly made me nostalgic. I can’t begin to describe the connection I felt when we were there and the reminder and memories of this morning has left me longing to go back.  There is something so beautiful and almost magical about how the towns were nestled so perfectly into the countryside that just made you fall in love and feel at home.

This mornings reminder brought me back to a day my Mom, Sean and I spent taking in the sights and sounds of Dublin. We shopped, wandered through museums with architecture as beautiful as the exhibits, took in the rich history of Dublin and ate like Kings. We started the morning –  a morning that was very much like the morning we had today – eating breakfast at Bewley’s Cafe on Grafton Street. It was perfect. I enjoyed piping hot Irish breakfast tea and porridge with fresh Irish honey and sultanas while we talked about our plan for the day. I could have stayed there for hours soaking in my surroundings.


What I would have given to go back there today…



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