New Addition

Hi there! Baby Grant here – newest member of the Grant family stopping by to say hello!

Hi!! Oh, you wanted to see a full picture of me? Ok, here ya go!

My Mama and Papa are so excited that I am here and I am quite cozy kicking away at my Mama in here and trying not to make her feel too sick. I’m trying my best to kick hard enough for Papa to feel it but I’m still too little. The midwife and doctor both said that I am a very happy, healthy baby and I know that makes us all very relieved and happy. Mama is spending her day reading up on pregnancy news and staring at the pictures from my photo shoot this morning. She was pretty nervous before I got my pictures taken, but now she is a pretty happy Mama and that makes me happy too!

I can’t wait to meet everyone in July – maybe I’ll even be able to give Mama and Papa an extra special Anniversary present! I’ll make sure to have Mama let you guys know how I’m doing in here. šŸ™‚


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