Thank you, everyone, for your kind thoughts and words in light of our little announcement! We are pretty nervous about this pregnancy but with every passing day we are able to relax just a little bit more. The first trimester was much different from my first pregnancy – as in I actually had morning sickness, terrible food aversions and actually lost weight. Let me tell you…having an aversion to chicken and turkey during Thanksgiving and Christmas is pretty rough. I swear I could smell roasting turkey for weeks after Thanksgiving. Thankfully, that aversion has relaxed a little bit and I can eat chicken as long as it’s smothered in something. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Luckily, the first trimester passed by smoothly (no intense peace talks with the Porcelain King, woohoo!) and we have now safely arrived in the second trimester. My first appointment with my Midwife also went very smoothly, although Sean might have a different opinion on that one. A few people (myself included) had dreams that we were having twins and it became a running joke with my family because Sean was petrified at the thought. We all know how fun it is to give him a hard time so we were taking full advantage of that one! One of the first things my Midwife noticed was that I was bigger than she would expect at this time in pregnancy. She found the little one’s heartbeat right away but kept searching around for a few minutes until Sean piped up asking “There’s only one in there, right?”. I swear I haven’t laughed that hard in a long, long time!

She was in fact looking for a second heartbeat and even grabbed an extra set of hands and the worlds oldest ultrasound machine to see exactly how many were in there. Much to Sean’s happiness (his glass of celebratory whiskey that night can attest to that one!), there is only 1 wee one in there. This group of Midwives will usually only do an ultrasound at 20 weeks unless there is a reason to do one earlier than that so it was pretty awesome to see our little one so soon. They also decided to send me for an official ultrasound the following week to double-check the baby’s size and due date.

Our first experience with an ultrasound appointment was obviously a pretty traumatic day for us and of course it was just our luck that we were put in the same room this time around. I was pretty nervous for this appointment because I was dreading the thought that they could tell us bad news again. It actually made it kind of hard to enjoy watching the little peanut dancing around on the screen. At the end of the scan, our tech told us to hold tight and the Doctor would be back in a few minutes to go over everything with us. I’m not gonna lie, I started freaking out a little but. I didn’t know if this is normally how they did things, all I know is that is exactly what they told us before a Doctor came in to tell us Deidre was dying.

I will tell you – when this Doctor came in, started to scan me again and told us that everything looked perfect – I was probably the happiest person on the planet. He told us that obviously it is early and our next ultrasound could bring up some concerns but with my pregnancy history he saw absolutely nothing that he was concerned about. Talk about a sigh of relief! Followed quickly by a celebratory doughnut (hey – Sean can have his whiskey, I can have my doughnuts 🙂 ). And man, do we have some cute pictures of our little one to show off.

We are taking the time to slow down and enjoy this pregnancy. If there is anything that I have learned it’s that life is often even shorter than you would think is possible and you should truly cherish every second of it. Little Grant dances around a lot and it is getting stronger every day. I’m sure Sean will be able to feel some little movements any day. I’m hoping to do weekly updates on our progress – maybe if I can sweet talk the Husband into taking some photos I’ll post some belly pictures too. Thank you all again for everything you have done for us over the past months. Your words of encouragement and kind thoughts have really helped me keep my head up and stay positive.


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