I can’t get over this weather! I was working all day yesterday so I was only able to get out for a quick walk after lunch but lucked out that today was super nice too. The Husband and I had the day off together but we didn’t have any set plans because neither of us were feeling too hot when we went to bed last night. I think our long weekend of working on the nursery (that’s right, we started on it already!) wore us both out more than we wanted to admit and we were still paying for it today. I felt quite a bit better once I slept (a lot!), showered and ate some breakfast so I dragged my poor husband – who still wasn’t feeling so great – out to enjoy the weather. We’re home relaxing now and getting ready to wrap up the day with some steaks on the grill. Pretty awesome end to January if I do say so myself!

Anyways – back to the nursery. It seems pretty early to be starting on the nursery, but let me clarify. We aren’t setting up the crib, doing any decorating or anything like that. The previous home owner(s) weren’t what I would call handy by any stretch of the imagination so we basically have to start from scratch in that room. There is a ton of repair work that needs to be done on the walls, all of the woodwork (windows, door frames, doors and base boards) all have so many different coats of paint on them that they are chipping and need to be sanded, vents, outlets, light switches and the light need to be replaced and everything needs to be repainted. By everything I mean that whomever painted the walls the last time got green paint on absolutely everything. Ceiling, woodwork, door frames, vents – nothing was left untouched. So irritating.

Obviously, I’m not able to help out with everything so I’m trying to help out with as much as I can now. I actually like spackling – no, wait, I just like saying that word – so I undertook that task myself, and I spent most of the weekend helping scrape paint (while taking proper precautions, of course!). Very tiring work. Probably most of the reason why we haven’t been feeling so great. Below are a few photos of our progress so far!

Roughly our starting point. This room started off as our catch-all after the move.

Sad to say that the stickers are now gone. I’m hoping to turn this little nook into a changing area.

One of 3 cracks that we have to fix. Luckily this one was the biggest.

Making sure to take care of myself and the little one. And yes, eye protection is that important that I used sunglasses instead of walking all the way downstairs for goggles. Safety first people!

Finishing point of the weekend. Sean did a great job sanding the windows down while I stepped out. It’s hard to see, but some paint has been scrapped from the base boards as well. It’s nowhere near done, but it was a great start! Yes, we are accepting applications for any suckers volunteers that want to come help us out! I’m just teasing. But really, volunteers are welcome! 🙂


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