Ode to the dog

You know what makes me really, really happy? That face, right there…

Meet our dog, Bailey. Well technically, my sister and I bought her when we lived together – but when we moved out I kept her and Sean adopted her. Man is she a riot.  Sure she annoys the crap out of us by jumping off the bed multiple times a night or suddenly deciding that she is scared of the dark and won’t go out in the back  yard at night, but what dog (or human for that matter!) doesn’t have his or her little annoyances?

I swear, she has the best personality. She makes me laugh all the time, but she also knows when something is wrong and is always right there to snuggle your worries away. Aren’t dogs the best for that?! I really don’t know what I would do without her. I’m that crazy person that talks to her dog and if she wasn’t here I would just be the crazy person that talks to herself. She talks back too. See?

I couldn’t help writing about her today. She’s been alternating between growling at the snow falling from the trees and snuggling onto my shoulder. Some days you just need some puppy snuggles, you know? When it’s cold outside all she wants to do is curl up under a blanket with you. Can’t argue with that now, can I?

I’m off to make a her blanket cave and watch movies until the Husband gets home from work. Have a fabulous rest of your afternoon!



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