Valentine’s, Schmalentine’s

My intent was to post my weekly update today, but working this weekend throws a bit of a wrench in my weekly photo taking so ya’ll are going to have to be patient and wait until tomorrow. I’m too gross and tired by the time I get home from work that I want to shower, put on sweatpants, stuff my face with dinner and plant by butt on the couch (in that exact order) that taking a picture is the last thing on my mind.  I will say that it was a good week and they will just keep getting better!

While wasting some time at work this weekend, I came across this picture and it made me laugh:


That flowchart, while amusing, pretty much sums up my thoughts on Valentine’s Day. I am not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day and it drives me crazy that people go so nutso over a holiday that is based only on spending money on ridiculously overpriced flowers and waiting for hours to eat in a restaurant that would normally take no time at all. Don’t get me wrong…I’m as sappy and love struck as the next girl, I’m a hopeless romantic, I am very much in love with my husband and I especially love those little tiny conversation hearts. I like the idea behind Valentine’s Day, what I don’t like is how commercialized it has become. Maybe we weren’t as aware of the commercial push of the various Valentines paraphernalia when we were little, but my memories from childhood also don’t include Christmas decorations being immediately replaced by a sea of red hearts the second it ends – sometimes before Christmas even starts. My memories are of making your special Valentine’s box and hoping that the cute boy that sits a few rows over put those little hearts that say ‘I love you” or “Be Mine” in your card instead of the generic smiley face. Maybe the innocence of the holiday is lost over time as the pressure of spending money on the perfect piece of jewelery increases at an alarming rate.

Why does romance get only one day dedicated to it? Wouldn’t it be much more romantic to go out on a spontaneous date or have your significant other bring home flowers when it wasn’t expected or forced upon you? My opinion? Leave the flowers in the store (seriously Husband – if you fork over the money to pay for the terribly inflated price of flowers on this one specific day I might hurt you), make a fun dinner or order your favorite takeout, pop in a movie and snuggle on the couch. That’s what I plan to be doing, anyways. I am by no means a romance guru and obviously all that dinner/flowers/dress hoopla works for some and I can respect that..but it’s not for us. I know us, I love us and I am more than happy to spend Valentine’s Day in my well worn sweat pants, cuddled under an old ratty comforter with my husband as we stuff our faces with greasy Chinese food. That being said…I hope all of you are able to spend Valentine’s Day doing whatever makes you happy.

What special or not-so-special plans does Tuesday have in store for you?


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