Arrivals and Birthdays!

Don’t you love it when a week starts out so well and then it just keeps getting better? We’re still on a high over here from the great news at our appointment on Monday and to make the week even better our nephew, Owen, was born yesterday. I’m a pretty proud Auntie right now, and I am so, so happy for my sister and Nick. I know I’m pretty biased, but he is one pretty cute pork chop wouldn’t you say?

I’m getting itchy fingers to snuggle him just looking at his picture!

We’re headed out in a little while to celebrate our good friends 30th birthday tonight. That is, after I stuff my face with meat filled oven pizza that is terrible for you and a free coffee from the Scooter’s near our house to attempt to annihilate this headache. I have a feeling I’m gonna need the energy watching these fools tonight tackle “the boot”. More on that tomorrow…

Happy Birthday, Laura!! I hope you feel fabulous tonight and terrible in the morning!! 😉



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