Das Boot

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m enjoying my last day off before I work this weekend by getting some stuff done around the house, doing a little internet shopping and taking B for a nice long walk. It’s too pretty outside not to enjoy it! Does anyone have big plans for the weekend? Maybe I can live vicariously through your plans when I’m trapped inside the hospital for 2 days.

I know that I promised an update yesterday on the shenanigans involving Das Boot but due to some technical difficulties with our internet I had to postpone at the risk of my hormones destroying my computer out of rage. Not to worry… I walked away, had some family time, snuggled Owen and came home to working internet. Thanks, Husband!

Here are a few pictures I took at Laura’s birthday celebration. We met the gang at the Crescent Moon for dinner and then half the group went home leaving a few of us to venture downstairs to do Das Boot. Well, a few of them I should say. I stuck to my wicked awesome grape soda and water but was pretty entertained watching these fools partake. The more boots they had, the louder, funnier and did I mention LOUDER they got. My head was throbbing and ears were ringing by the time we left, but everyone had a great time!

Hope you had a fabulous 30th Birthday, Laura!!


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