Object of my affection

Meet the new object of my home owner affection…

(please ignore the dirty house that is in desperate need of a power washing and the random cables that are attached to the front of the house…I can’t wait to get rid of those!)

I am so in love with this tree, the delicate white flowers are so beautiful! Doesn’t the beautiful weather make a perfect backdrop? One of the first things I said to Sean when we bought this house was that I wanted to plant a flowering tree and a blue spruce.  Well, apparently we had this all along and I didn’t know it so I can go ahead and check one of those off of my list! Nothing says springtime to me like budding trees and flowers sprouting from the ground and this is the perfect combination. It’s giving me itchy fingers to get outside and get some lawn work done.

Speaking of itchy fingers… the nesting bug has officially bitten and I have my sleeves rolled up and windows wide open while I clean and organize the master bedroom. What I really want to do is get into the nursery and get started, but alas, there is still much work to be done in there so this is the next best thing. Enjoy the beautiful day, my friends!


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