A few steps closer.

Well folks, we are a few steps closer to being able to paint so I can get my itchy fingers into the nursery to start decorating. Sean made some awesome progress stripping paint this past weekend (I forgot to take some pictures – naughty girl!) and predicts that it should only take him another day or two to get it done. That being said, there is enough dust in that room now that it will probably take a few tries to get everything cleaned up to prep for paint, BUT, it is a huge leap in the right direction. I know we still have time, but 4 months really isn’t that long when we have limited time that we he can be in there working. Plus I’d like to have it done sooner rather than later just in case peanut should happen to decide to make an early appearance.  Better safe than sorry. You can see why my inner alarm clock has  been ringing for a while and I’m not sure how long it’s gonna let me hit snooze.

While he’s been working away in there, I’ve been scouring stores and websites for cheap (!!!) items to jazz up a rather large room while trying to keep it gender neutral. I’ve done pretty well so far, but I’m still looking for a few more pieces. Here’s an idea of what we’ve got so far. Some things are self explanatory…but I’m not going to reveal what everything is being used for until the very end. 🙂

(found here)

(found here)

(found here)

(found here)

I have been drooling over that pendant light for months and have been trying to come up with a way to get out to Colorado to pick one up from Ikea and wasn’t sure it was going to work out. On a whim, I just did a general Google search  and found it on Amazon! It is slightly more expensive to order it from there, but it’s still way less money than it would be to drive to Colorado. I am ridiculously excited over this one little light and I don’t care who knows it!

We need to put the crib together to make sure that it’s safe/sturdy and all that jazz (we got it for free from a family friend!),  purchase a few bookcases and have a few DIY projects left to do but it’s coming along! I can’t wait to get in there and see everything come together!


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