All I do is win

What a strange year it has been for the Grant’s already. Sean and I, who are usually cursed with terrible luck, have had a very unusual year. From winning Creighton Basketball season tickets to Sean and some friends winning the All Star Gnome Ticket Hunt (check out the race re-cap from my friend Lizz) to my most recent bout of good luck, there has definitely been a change in the tides. I’m not sure where all of this good luck is coming from, but I’ll take it! Maybe it’s karma’s way of making up for last year.

Earlier this year (seriously, it’s been long enough that I can’t even remember when), I entered a drawing for a giveaway on The Daybook  for a gift card to In Pink – an online store that has super cute jewelry and fashion/style advice. A few nights ago I received an email that I actually won! What?! Who are we! I’m so excited to pick out some fun stuff for spring and summer, what girl wouldn’t be? I have to admit, this may be hard for me. I’m a bit of a hoarder and have a bad habit of holding onto gift cards until the perfect moment, but I only have until the end of April to use it so I’d better get cracking. Here are a few (of the many!) things that I’m debating between…

Can you tell I’m slightly obsessed with the gold and turquoise combo? Something about it screams summer to me. Now, my only task is to finish looking through all of my options and narrow it down. Shouldn’t be a problem, right? Hah!



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