Spring is in the air

It’s official… unseasonably warm temperatures have given me the gardening bug. Luckily, the combination of a shaky green thumb, the chance that temps could drop again and lack of time and vision postponed me juuuust enough that the cooler weather and potential early morning frosts won’t make me regret any time or money spent on lawn care and gardening. We moved into this house last September and between the marathon renovations that took place the week after we closed and then actually moving in, I had no memory of how the yard looked. Some things have been a good surprise and others…. not so much.

Let’s start off in the front…


built-in planter surrounding the front porch and ivy that has taken over


various previous existing plants

As you can see – a lot of potential, but needs a lot of work. I really love the built-in planter that surrounds our porch and we have two really awesome trees in our front yard (forgot to take a photo 😦 ) that helps with the landscaping. I’m having a hard time deciding what exactly I want to put in the planter… but definitely not petunias or marigolds. We also need to do something about the ivy and random plants coming in, to me it looks messy. I’m completely new to this too so while I have a picture in my head of what I want, I am clueless to the names. Should be fun, right?

That other area is to the side of the planter and sits in front of the picture window. I actually really like how everything is filling in naturally, it just needs to be spruced up a bit with some fresh mulch. I’ve been toying around with the idea of using some edgers to section this area off to separate it from the yard more.

The backyard

cornered off area with existing plants and hedges bordering the back alley

random corner with lilies taking over

The top picture is in the very back of yard and so far I’m pretty impressed. It definitely has potential. I would love to put in a garden in this corner but for now I think we will leave it like it is and add some fresh mulch to liven it up a bit. Something about having a newborn and trying to tend to a garden as a newbie with a shaky green thumb sounds a wee bit rough to me. Bordering the alley in the back are some hedges that definitely need some work, but I’m gonna leave that up to Sean to figure out.

The bottom picture is a random corner of the backyard that has lilies completely taking over. I actually really like the lilies, they just need to be contained a bit. Perhaps more edgers back here? I’m not for sure what to do here, if we use edgers, we need to do some filling with other flowers or something else.This corner has me a bit perplexed because it’s spreading onto both sides of the fence. Suggestions?

Overall, the yard has been taken over by violets and needs to be seeded. Or fertilized. Or whatever it is you have to do. That’s Sean’s department. The one absolute must that we have to get done at some point is plant my favorite tree, a Colorado Blue Spruce, in honor of Deidre. Perhaps the edged corner of the back yard would be a good place for that and we could plant beautiful, vivid wildflowers surrounding it. Deidre’s Secret Garden. I like the sound of that. 🙂

We have a really good start and my hope is that we will have a really nice, thick lawn for our kids to run around barefoot on. Now, if only we can get the neighbors to get rid of their walnut tree…



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