26 weeks

Week 26!!

I can hardly believe that there are less than 100 days until my due date. I know that a due date is just a guess and I will most likely go past that date, but it’s still pretty exciting to have an idea of how much longer until we meet our Babysaurus. I’ve started calling the little squirt that more and more because as the rolls and kicks start getting more intense, it reminds me of a dinosaur stomping around in there for some reason.

This week, Babysaurus got to experience its first concert and I’m pretty sure that it loved every minute of it. It’s gonna be a Jimmy Buffett fan like mama and papa for sure. During louder songs the baby would be pretty still until the audience started cheering and I would feel a few quick jabs. Kind of like “Stop that ruckus out there!”. During quieter sets when he would perform some songs without the full band, I could feel the babes just dancing around under my belly button. Sean and I both swayed to the music with our hands on my belly feeling the baby dance. It was a pretty awesome family moment and I can’t wait for a million more to come. Here are a few shots from the day.


Week 25 wrapped up in a pretty little bow…

How far along? 26 weeks as of yesterday. 

Maternity Clothes? Yup. I need more than I have and I’ve been trying to be creative with what I already have. Not really working for me.

Sleep? I slept really well this week but still feel like I didn’t get enough. I guess that goes hand in hand with working three 12 hour shifts in a row.

Best moment of the week? Feeling the baby kick and dance through its first concert. Babysaurus Grant is a huge fan of Jimmy Buffett!

Worst moment of the week? Working yet another Friday the 13th this year. The scheduling gods are mocking me.

Awkward moment of the week? Trying to massage the huge divots and bruises my horrid bras are giving me. It’s only awkward because I can’t reach very well. TMI? Too bad.

Miss anything? A dirty banana. As in the most fantastic tropical drink I’ve ever had that we had a few too many of in Jamaica on our honeymoon. It would have tasted amazing while tailgating yesterday. 

Movement? All day, everyday!

Food Cravings? Still stuck on fresh fruit. Could have worse cravings than fruit, I guess.

Anything making you sick? Nope.

Gender? Don’t know.

Workouts? Walked about 8 miles and 2 days of intense cleaning which totally counts as a workout. I was exhausted!

Mood? Exhausted and content.

Pregnancy Rage? Nothing exciting this week.

Looking forward to? Appointment with our midwife on Tuesday. Not looking forward to? My date with the infamous orange drink that is sitting in my fridge that I have to down before my appointment.

What’s new in Week 26:

Wow! Can you believe baby has eyelashes at 26 weeks? And she’s amping up to start batting them soon. At this point, it probably feels like this baby (who you haven’t even met yet) has taken over your life. She’s interfering with your sleep. She’s messing with your brain. (Forget much?) She might even be giving you a stress headache or two. It’s normal to be experiencing some mild swelling, but around week 26, it’s important to watch out for swelling severe or sudden — it could be the sign of a dangerous condition called preeclampsia. Notice your belly occasionally feeling really tight? That’s a contraction. Yup, already. Don’t freak out though — your body is just practicing some tightening in preparation for labor. As long as the contractions aren’t steady or severe, you’re not in labor. Your baby’s the size of a head of lettuce! She’s still growing in the 13.6- to 14.8-inch and 1.5- to 2.5-pound range, and developing her senses, features and talents!




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