A glimpse at our day

‘Twas a lovely, busy and exhausting day full of sleeping in, baby registries, shopping, and yard work for the Grant’s and man am I feeling it. My legs are dead weight tonight!  Sean and I had the day together today which never happens so we made the most of it. We stayed up late last night watching episodes of Bones (our new favorite!) and took advantage of the day off by sleeping in before we leisurely got up, made some lunch and ventured out to start the registries for Babysaurus. That is some exhausting work!

We decided to register at both Target and Babies “R” Us and called it quits after about 3 hours of browsing, debating and scanning. I definitely need to review everything online and probably modify a few things because I know we scanned multiples of some things and completely skipped others. It was pretty fun checking out all of the adorable baby stuff though and I loved seeing how excited Sean was. He’s gonna make such a great dad. Ok, enough mushy stuff… I did get to add a few more epic Husband quotes for the next Silly Husband post!

On our way home we stopped at the store to grab dinner and late afternoon snacks (Coke and Doritos for him, coconut water and jelly beans for her…yup, very random. I know), borrowed the lawn mower from Sean’s parents and headed home to clean up the yard. The wind from the past few days blew tons of twigs and a few smaller branches out of our trees and I had the task of picking up sticks while Sean mowed. Let me tell you, bending over repeatedly with a tight baby belly is tough work! Sean edged the fence line and I did a wee bit of weeding before we called it a day and started the grill for dinner. Nothing better than a nice juicy steak and grilled asparagus after a good day’s work!

I’m writing up this post while Sean runs the mower back over to his parents and I imagine when he gets home we will find our way back to our couch watching more episodes of Bones. We may be boring, but we love every minute of it. Life is good!



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