New look

As you may have noticed, I did a wee bit of spring cleaning on the blog yesterday. I was taking a look at the site and decided that it looked a little dreary so I bit the bullet and switched up the layout. Granted, it’s not a huge difference, but I still think it looks pretty snazzy. I also changed a few things about the posts, there are now fewer posts displayed per page and there is a list of the most recent posts on the right side of the site.

I finally(!!) updated the Peanut Gallery as well with new bump pictures and some little tidbits about Babysaurus that was waaay overdue. I still can’t figure out how to link the posts to the pictures though, I lack terribly in the computer smarts department sometimes. Over time, I hope to continue to add new things to the blog. Maybe a section about the house renovation, maybe another for things that my crazy humorous mind finds funny…we’ll see. For now, take a gander around and have a fabulous weekend!


One thought on “New look


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