Super Snuggly Sunday Funday

Everyone has their own versions of “Sunday Funday”…and I’m pretty sure that my day is going to be fantastic. The morning involved sleeping in and snuggling with one very warm and cozy puppy, enjoying some strawberry nutella cinnamon pancakes and a cup of hot tea followed by a very long overdue session of Mama yoga instead of my daily trip to the gym. Man are my hips and back tight! I love days when I can stay in sweatpants all day and not be judged!

After a quick trip to the store this afternoon, my plan is to curl up on the couch with the world’s most snuggly puppy and read a new natural labor book I downloaded yesterday. Expanding the heart and the mind? I think so. Later this afternoon, my sister and brother in law are dropping off Owen for a few hours and I’m so excited to steal a few baby snuggles before my parents come over for dinner. Some might say that it’s a pretty boring day, I say it’s a pretty darn perfect one. Snuggles, delicious food, babies and family? I might be in heaven! I hope that whatever you are doing today, you are enjoying your Sunday Funday as much as I am!



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