I’ve been feeling pretty crafty the past few days with tons of different DIY ideas flowing through my fuzzy brain. Damn pregnancy brain. Laugh all you want, but pregnancy brain is a real thing. A terribly amusing yet annoying thing. I started a list on my phone because I knew if I didn’t, I would forget half of my ideas. I just finished a project today, but I’m going to keep that one a secret for a little while and I have a few more things brewing in the meantime. In fact, my friend Lizz dropped off a box of heaven – I mean crafts – for their upcoming wedding in June. Lizz is quite the crafter herself and has done a ton of DIY projects to make their wedding one of a kind. I haven’t seen everything that she has created but after seeing what she dropped off, it’s going to be one beautiful wedding! I can’t wait to see everything once it’s all put together.

I’ve always been a kind of behind the scenes crafter. My mom always called me Martha Stewart because I loved making things, planning parties and decorating everything. The truth is, I love DIY projects and creating things from nothing but I’m not always creative enough to come up with something on my own. I often hit up the interwebs to find inspiration and usually run into a few snags once I try to pull it off myself. Live and learn my friends, live and learn. Each mistake is a new teaching experience if you ask me.

Over the next few weeks, my hope is to post more DIY and crafting projects. Quite a few of them will be projects for the nursery – most of those have been on hold while the nursery was under “construction” because lack of space has been a bit of an issue. That won’t be an issue for much longer because as of yesterday it is cleaned, prepped and ready to paint!! We just have to buy the paint, put the Husband to work for another day or two and then I will declare this house craft central. Game on!

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