Dear Babysaurus,

Good Morning, little one! It is so hard for your mama to believe that we get to meet you in just a few weeks. Time is flying by so fast, it’s hard for me to believe that your due date is in 2 months. I love being pregnant and I know that I am going to miss it when you are here, but I am sure that when I look at your beautiful face nothing else will matter. Seeing how big my belly has grown and feeling you happily bounce away makes me so, so happy. You always move more whenever I am really happy, too. Or upset. You and I could be quite the team if you inherit my temper! Papa, be warned!

Your papa is so excited to meet you too. I have a feeling that he’s never going to let you go once you are here. You and I have our special times now, when it’s just you and me. Even as I’m typing this you are bouncing around and sticking your tiny little feet out. I talk to you and feel you dance at the sound of my voice and I know your papa can’t wait to have his special times with you too. He got us a book for Mother’s Day and said we can enjoy it as a family, but I think he will insist on reading to you all the time. He says his favorite time of the day is when we are relaxing on the couch at night and he can feel you dancing around. I think sometimes you are stubborn like your mama because you will be moving like crazy and then stop as soon as he puts his hand on my belly. You do that when I try to have other people feel your kicks, too. It makes me giggle.

We’re almost finished working on your room too, Babysaurus. It’s taken us quite awhile because we wanted to make sure that everything was done just right for you. I hope this week we will be able to put up your crib and start putting out all of the toys and books and bright-colored things we have been collecting for you. Your Great Grandma is going to give us a family rocking chair and I can’t wait to spend the quiet hours of the early morning rocking away in that chair while we listen to the song birds chirping outside.

Take as much time as you need in mama’s belly, little one. We are so excited to meet you, but we want you to come when you are ready, even if that means waiting longer to meet you. You are going to love our midwives when you meet them, too. They are so caring and understanding and know what is best for both you and your mama. At our appointment this week, they called you mama’s little rockstar because you are doing everything just perfectly. You know what? They were right. So, you stay in there as long as you need too, little rockstar. As long as you are happy and healthy, I don’t mind the summer heat or swollen ankles one tiny bit.

Until then, Babysaurus, keep dancing and giving us kicks all the time and we will keep giving you all the love in the world.

All my love,




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