Deep breath…and go

I have all of about 30 seconds to take a deep breath and check in with ya’ll. Life has been busy. Like, crazy busy. Between family events, work, an epic wedding and it’s celebrations, more work, marathon cleaning that left me completely drained and barely able to move, work, shopping for baby, nursery decorating, work, gardening, getting ready for friends to come visit, work, trying to relax and find time to spend with my husband… whew. I’m tired. Anyways, I was able to bust out of work a little early today to get a few things done before heading to a rehearsal for our awesome friends. I am so excited to see these two get married on Saturday and can’t wait for the preview tonight. Speaking of which… they are lucky I am pregnant because a glass of wine is pretty tempting right now, especially with this sitting in my dining room…


One thought on “Deep breath…and go


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