Baby love

Last night, Sean and I attended the first night of our 6 week birthing class. In true Grant fashion, we rolled through the door about 40 minutes late because our midwife appointment ran way longer than expected. Everything went great at our appointment once we were seen, we just had to wait…and wait…and wait…and wait some more before she made it to our room. It was annoying because we had somewhere we needed to be, but we can’t complain too much because it was the only time this entire pregnancy that we had to wait a significant amount of time. Usually it’s just in and out…easy peasy.

Anyways, back to our birthing class. I’ve mentioned before that we plan to do a natural medication and induction free birth and I’ve been reading and doing research on the various methods available to natural mamas. We ruled out Bradley Method and Hypnobabies early on simply due to cost, but unfortunately that left us with the general hospital class as a last resort. I wasn’t very enthused about taking the hospital class because I knew that it wouldn’t be geared for a natural mama like me, but we wanted some form of class or information. Long story short, we settled on taking it. I mentioned it to our midwife at an appointment and she confirmed that it would not benefit us at all if we were planning a natural birth and instead suggested an independent class called Not Your Mama’s Childbirth Class at Baby Love Birth Services. I gotta say, I was pretty much sold when I saw the name of the class.


Even though we strolled in ridiculously late and everyone turned to stare, I really loved our first class. The instructor was very knowledgeable but approached the information in a very relaxed and funny way. She was hilarious. The class totally fits my thoughts on an ideal birth and is completely supportive of using midwives – which trust me, is pretty hard to come by. I’d be a rich girl if I got even a penny for every time I heard someone make a wise-ass comment about being a hippie or calling me crazy for not using a “real” doctor. Let me tell you one thing… midwives are there for their patients. They will not push an induction so you can write it in your planner right next to your next hair appointment. If medically necessary or you are at 42 weeks an induction might come up, but only after other ways to naturally induce labor have been explored. They will not induce because a baby is “too big” regardless of how far along she is. Our bodies were made to give birth and a baby’s head was made to pass through the narrow inner workings of a woman’s body. Women have been doing this since the beginning of time so why all of the sudden are there excuses being made for needless inductions and c sections?

Ok, soap box has been put away, sorry about that. Back to the class. The class was awesome. To me anyways. I think it was a little weird for Sean, but I also think the hospital class would have been terrible for him. This one is going to be way better for someone who despises hospitals and anything hospital related in general. I’m hoping that it will help alleviate some of those fears that are associated with hospitals and the scary stigma that surrounds the words “labor” and “hospitals”. The class put a lot of responsibility on the husbands to remind the women to change positions every half hour, remind them to eat, use the bathroom and even sleep while they are in the early stages of labor. It encouraged active participation so the men watched the clocks and the women changes positions every half hour while the instructor chatted with us about the topics of the night. I can’t wait to go back and continue to learn more to help prepare ourselves for the little ones arrival. I’ll give some updates over the next few weeks and then an overall review of the class once it’s over.

Major excitement has begun to settle into every inch of me. I can’t wait to meet this little being that is nudging me as we speak!



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