a decorative friday afternoon

Somehow, Sean and I ended up with another day off together this week. That never happens. Our plans for the day were pretty simple… sleep in (check – woke up at 11 and it was amazing), run a few quick errands (check – picked up a few things for some DIY projects I hope to finish over the next few days) and come home to do whatever the crap we wanted (double-check!). Sean spent the afternoon in his own version of heaven, playing video games in the cool basement, while I was in mine. Spending time in the nursery with strawberry iced tea? Can’t get much better than that for a soon-to-be mama.

After the wedding this past weekend, Lizz dropped off some handmade decorations for me thinking I might be able to use them in the nursery. I had been eyeing these beauties at the reception and kept thinking to myself they would look awesome hanging above the crib. Apparently great minds think alike because I came home from work one night to find them waiting for me. Thanks Lizz! I’ve been dying to get them up in the nursery ever since I saw them sitting in my kitchen.

My original plan was to hang them from the ceiling above the crib, but I started thinking that it might be too much with the giant pendant light. Plan B? Hang them wall behind the crib. After a tiny fuss from Sean about wanting to ruin all of the hard work he did on the walls,we finally agreed on the best way to hang them…and they look pretty amazing. I couldn’t be happier!

I promise I will actually post COLOR pictures at some point, I just want to get everything done so I can do a big reveal at the end. For now, I’ll keep teasing you with tiny black and white photos. 🙂


4 thoughts on “a decorative friday afternoon

  1. Looks awsome Anna!! You better hurry up and do a color reveal b/c before you know it that little Babysaurus will be here!! Mine was almost 4 weeks early! Oh and you look amazing yourself!

  2. That’s right I don’t want those walls ruined. I slaved making that room perfect. So no nails unless it’s pictures & they are staying up for a while.


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