34 weeks

apparently the husband was a miracle worker behind the iphone this week. as in he managed to make me look terribly blurry and sickly white in every. single. picture. all the editing in the world couldn’t make these pictures look good. thanks honey. plus i think it’s time for another haircut. not digging the giant nose effect the current cut is giving me. 

Welp, we’ve officially entered the final stretch. I’m judging that by starting our 6 week birthing class that ends right around the time this little one might decide to make an appearance and the frequency of our midwife appointments increasing. We have another appointment next week and will go every week after that which to me means two things. 1. We are really almost there and 2. Holy crap, just one more thing to add to my calendar every week.

I’ve been savoring every minute of this past week. I was lucky in the way my schedule at work landed so I’ve been off of work since last Thursday and don’t work again until this Thursday. We haven’t really had much planned so I’ve been taking my time getting some things done around the house and running my errands a little bit at a time. I’m pretty sure I don’t have another break like this in my work schedule and I know we won’t have downtime once Babysaurus comes so I am enjoying this lull as much as I can.

My plans for the day? Not a whole hell of a lot. I might clean the kitchen. Definitely going to start decorating the nursery. I have every intention of going to the gym, but we will see if that actually happens. Most of all? Spending some time snuggling the pup. I think she knows something is going on, but she just isn’t quite sure what it is. She’s attached to my hip and spends every afternoon lying in front of the crib. It is pretty darn adorable if you ask me. 

Hit the road, week 33!

How far along? 34 weeks as of Saturday

Maternity Clothes? Yes. Except my outfit choice today, that I actually wore  in my backyard and was terribly embarrassed every second I was out there. 

Sleep? Still sleeping great!

Best moment of the week? Our first birthing class and another gold star midwife appointment. 

Worst moment of the week? Feeling pretty crappy one day. Not sure if it was a relapse into first trimester nausea or something that both my sister and brother-in-law had too. 

Awkward moment of the week? Walking into our birthing class 40 minutes late during a video because our midwife appointment took so long. Cue the entire class turning to stare and my awkward wave and smile apology.

Miss anything? A swimsuit that fits and the desire to even try one. It’s hot!

Movement? I think Babysaurus is getting pretty cramped because my belly has been tender to touch from the little turkey pushing out so hard. 

Food Cravings? Give me fruit. Now.

Anything making you sick? Chicken and the heat.

Gender? I’ve had a few dreams about gender lately and I can’t wait to see if they were right!

Workouts? Quite a bit of housework and walking. I really need to get back to the gym though.

Mood? Happy and extremely excited!

Pregnancy Rage? Nah. It all blurs together anyways.

Looking forward to? Birthing class and putting some final touches in the nursery.

What’s new in Week 34:

Watch what you say! Your curious baby is listening in to your conversations at 34 weeks — and might enjoy a lullaby or two — so go ahead and sing to him. Some say that baby will recognize songs mom sings while he’s in the womb, and may even be more easily soothed by them if he’s used to them once he’s on the “outside.” At week 34, you might breathe a little easier, since baby may descend lower into your pelvis and give your lungs some space. (Ahh!) Of course, some babies don’t do this until the day they’re born, so we’re not making any guarantees. The pitfall of this descent, of course, is even more pressure on your bladder, so be prepared to make even more trips to the ladies room over the coming weeks. Your baby’s the size of a butternut squash! At less than two months to go, he weighs in at about 4.2 pounds to 5.8 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches.




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