Operation: Name This Baby

That’s right, we do not yet have a name for this tiny baby that is kicking me like crazy right now. We have a list of names that has slowly dwindled down over the past few months because one of us doesn’t like a name or a name has already been spoken for by other family members or a name was too close to our nephews names. Long story short, we don’t have a name. A boy name or a girl name. It is terribly frustrating and a wee bit scary that July is very quickly approaching. Operation: Name This Baby is in full swing as we round 3rd headed for home (it’s College World Series time, give me a break).

We have so many things we are trying to keep in mind while picking this important name. We want a family name to carry on family tradition. We want an Irish name to carry on our heritage that we both love so much. We don’t want a common name or a name that is spelled out of the ordinary. We really want a name that we both love that falls under every single one of those categories (and more!) and it is impossible. Impossible, I tell you!

A few weeks ago, I gave us a deadline. I told Sean that we would have a final name for both a boy and a girl by the time I was 35 weeks along. I don’t know if you’re counting along with me, but that is in 3 days. 3 DAYS!! Have we gotten any further on our mighty quest to find the perfect name for this baby that we will be meeting in the next few weeks? Nope. Does that make my stress level keep going up? Yup.

So commences, Operation: Name This Baby. I have a feeling the next few days will be filled with intense negotiations as we both fight to have our favorites win. Wish us luck!!


2 thoughts on “Operation: Name This Baby

  1. As soon as you see he or she you will know the cute little bundle’s name. Joe and I were like that on Jennifer and then we saw her and knew her name. Luck of the Irish to ya.


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