Baby’s dreams must be the sweetest

This past Sunday, my sister hosted a baby shower for Babysaurus and I. It was at my house which was actually really awesome because not only did it give me an excuse to clean, I didn’t have to go anywhere or haul any gifts back home. Plus, I got all of the leftovers which was basically everything I am obsessed with right now. Win win!

My sister, mom, grandma and sister-in-law all came early to set everything up and decorate. They wouldn’t let me help, so I got to sit on my backside, chat and show off the progress on the nursery while they did all of the work and we waited for everyone to arrive. It was a perfect afternoon. Very laid back, an awesome spread of fruits, veggies, lemonade, iced chai tea lattes and a Lithuanian torte, no games (which in my mind is the best part!!) and good company with great friends and family.

I, of course, didn’t take many pictures other than the sweet decorations and am regretting not getting a group picture with everyone or snapping a few candids from the party. Here are a few pics that I actually remembered to take…

these super cute flags are going to find a new home in the nursery!

handmade chalkboard from my sister

deeeliiiiciioouuss food

starting to fill up the changing table with goodies

One of the best parts of the day were all of the books that everyone brought and wrote a little message to Babysaurus. It was so amazing. Tons of vintage Golden Books, Puff the Magic Dragon (which was one of my favorites growing up), Dinosaurs Love Underpants (I laughed the entire time I read it!), Go the F*k to Sleep (seriously amazingly hilarious and completely inappropriate) are just a few of the great books that we can’t wait to read to this little one.

Thank you for hosting such an amazing shower, Katie!


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