i believe…

…that baby smiles make my heart sing

…that making robot noises help when putting socks on a baby

…that as much as I hate those 3 am alarms, seeing Amelia’s sleepy stretch and getting that extra hour or 2 of quiet snuggles brings the biggest smile to my face. it is totally worth it

…that bathing a wiggle worm by yourself in an ancient bathtub is much harder than one would think

…that losing baby weight isn’t as hard as I was expecting it would be but I’d better stop with the bunny tracks ice cream if I want it to keep disappearing

…that being a mother of a bright-eyed 2 week old is the most rewarding experience I could ever imagine

…that I am not cut out for this heat. bring on fall!

…that it will never get old hearing my husband tell our little girl how pretty she is

…that I will never get over all that hair

…that the nesting instinct didn’t start when I was pregnant but is in full swing now

…that life is pretty darn perfect right mow


One thought on “i believe…


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