one year…

Today is a day that most families would be celebrating, although I guess in a way we will be too. Today is our daughter, Deidre’s, birthday. I won’t say much – mostly because I can’t, there aren’t enough words for me to describe what we are feeling – but also because everything that we feel and think, she already knows.

She knows how much we love her and how much we miss her. She keeps watch over her little sister who will learn about her as she gets older. She will be there waiting for us to see her again. Regardless of where she is now or where we are, she is and will always be with us.

We may not be celebrating a birthday today like a normal family would be. We might not have the birthday cake and candles and presents that a normal birthday would have. We may just have a quiet moment to think about her, but whatever it is that we do – it will be to honor her and it will be perfect.

We have very little in the way of physical memories of Deidre. The hospital was wonderful and gave us a memory box with a few things that we will cherish forever, including these tiny perfect footprints and a beautiful necklace with that tiny perfect footprint that I wear close to my heart everyday.

Happy Birthday, Deidre. Where ever you are, I hope that you are soaring high, my little Irish Angel.


One thought on “one year…

  1. Happy Birthday little one! This day is beautiful. The sun is shining, there is a coolness in the air, and there is a hint of Fall. The perfect day to reflect on your place in our hearts. You will never, ever be forgotten.
    (PS – Great Grandma Rozie is taking care of the birthday cake!)


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