I was pretty lucky to be born into a crafty and creative family. The house I grew up in is a log home that my parents built with their own two – well, four – hands. I love that house and I still compare every other house to it. My mom does beautiful work weaving and could sell her blankets so easily. She has an eye for the finishing touch that makes everything so much more special. My dad is quite the handyman. If something is broken, give it to him and it will be like new. From making amazing custom saddles to some of the best woodworking I’ve ever seen, he can do it all.

We received an amazing handcrafted gift from my parents when Amelia was born that I want to share with you. They wanted to make us something that can be used now but can also be an heirloom to be passed on for generations. What they gave us was perfect.

The wood on this cradle is as smooth as butter, thanks to the handiwork of my mom. The rocking is gentle and the stain is perfect. The Celtic cross was hand carved by my dad. The blanket that was weaved by my mom is incredibly soft and cozy. The inscription on the bottom along with the Celtic Angel featuring Deidre’s initials brought a tear to my eye. Now, our little Irish Angel with watch over little ones for generations to come.


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