It’s crazy to me to think how much our lives have changed in the past few weeks. Hell, even the past year. From the minute you learn that you are expecting, your priorities shift and things that were once important to you no longer are.

My house has transformed from a clean, well-kept house to a house that I can never quite keep up with.

I am forever lost in a sea of never-ending laundry and dishes and cleaning tasks that should, but will never get done.

Weekly trips to the grocery store have turned into the thought of going to the store that leaves my mind as quickly as it entered.

Daily workouts have become a vague memory of what I used to do. Partly because I am still healing from labor, but mostly because there is no time.

This once clean, well-kept house has become a playground of Amelia’s adorable things. The kitchen has become a dance floor for spur of the moment afternoon dance parties. Once productive afternoons have turned into snuggle sessions on the couch or easy strolls around the neighborhood.

Yup, my life is definitely different… and I wouldn’t change one single second of it. Especially when I get to see this beautiful face every day…



4 thoughts on “life

  1. You know what they say- dishes in the sink are a sign of a fed family, laundry piled up means we’ve got clothes to wear, toys scattered about reminds us of the precious blessings in our lives. Mess schmess! They’re only little for a short time. We might as well enjoy them!


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