imagination and vision

Remember this post? The one where my overachiever inner self listed the projects that I want to tackle? Well, I think I have finally decided which one is the lucky winner and it *shouldn’t* be very hard to do. I say shouldn’t because it requires building a few things from the ground up which isn’t something that Sean or I are very familiar with. Learn as you go, right? 🙂

Our living room is a bit of hard space to fill. We have a giant sectional that was supposed to go in the basement where the tv is, but it wouldn’t fit down the stairs so it earned itself a new home in the living room. It fits perfectly and it looks fine, it just can only go in one corner because it is just too big and it makes it a bit hard to arrange the room around. With that, there is an area rug that I bought with this living room in mind and a coffee table, a random bookcase and large basket against one wall and another random bookcase against the other wall. We go from a very packed side of the room, to a very empty and awkward side of the room. My plan is to tackle one of the empty and awkward walls…

of course I didn’t take a picture of the other side of the room. why would I do something that made sense?

Looks pretty bad, doesn’t it? That empty space next to the bookcase usually ends up being a dumping ground for random things. Boxes that need to go to the garage, bags that need to be taken upstairs, random things I decide to move to a different area of the house. This wall is in dire need of a face lift.

What I would like to do is build some shelves and a bench and hang some coat hooks to make this area a kind of unofficial mud room where we can hang our coats, store our shoes, keep Bailey’s leash and collar, and stash the diaper bag. After getting some inspiration from our favorite antique store and a trip to Target and Lowe’s, I have a definite vision in my head of how I would like this to turn out… now let’s see how easily I can get it to translate to real life. Here are a few examples of what I’m imagining.

found here

found here

found here

found here

found here

found here

found here

So, the overall look that I’m aiming for is a bit of a hodge podge combo of everything. In my head it’s looking pretty good, getting it to look that way in person might take a bit of work. I know the general look I’m wanting to achieve when we build the shelves and the bench and I’ve found quite a few cheap “extras” that I’m already obsessed with. I picked up a few throw pillows from Lowe’s yesterday that were clearance outdoor pillows for $3 that fit perfectly in the color scheme that is already in the room. We found what I like to call rustic vintage looking wall sconces (with Edison bulbs – my favorite!) at Target for $20 a piece and some great wire baskets at Michael’s on sale from $4-$10.

There you have it! Now, let’s get to work making it happen…


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