home improvement series: dining room

The minute the papers were signed and the keys to the house were in our hands, we got to work on the massive to do list that had to be done before we moved in. We literally went straight from the bank to pick up paint. We were so excited to actually own a house and to get started fixing it up that we didn’t take many real “before” pictures. Most of them are more of an “in progress” photo, but they work. This before picture really shows how dated the house was. And as always, please excuse the pictures. The ol’ iPhone is awesome, but it doesn’t quite capture home decor well.

Both the living room and dining room had this awesome red shag carpeting that was covering original hardwood floors, most light fixtures are those old brass gross looking things and almost every wall in the house was painted this dingy yellow which obviously had to go. The great thing about that carpet? Instant drop cloth.

We painted the dining room a cool gray, tore out that gross carpet and changed the light fixture to this great rustic pendant. I am very happy with the way it turned out. There are still some things that need to be done in here before I declare it complete though. The window coverings need to be revamped (I plan on doing this and Lizz, I’m gonna need your help!), the outlets need to be changed from a dingy off white to a crisp white to match the woodwork, we need to graduate from my 2 seater cheap table to a grown up table and the floors need to be re-finished. Consider this the halfway point.

Much, much better and it will only look better once everything is in place. Note the high chair in the corner – I know Amelia won’t be able to use it for quite a while, but I couldn’t resist putting it together. I am so excited to see her sitting in it for the first time! Here are a few more pictures of the room. Once we actually finish those last few things up, I will do an update with the finished space!


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