This past weekend, my good friend Lizz invited me to check out an event called Junkstock in town. Junk? Fall? Food? Music? I’m in. I bundled up the kiddo, threw the stroller in the car and we headed out to see what this whole event was about.

Despite the chilly wind that kept whipping the stroller around, Junkstock was basically our idea of heaven. The vendors were awesome, the music was entertaining, the food smelled and tasted amazing and I wanted pretty much everything. I wish I would have taken more pictures (story of my life) of the great things that were for sale. Even though I left with an empty car – except for the great stool Lizz got  – I did leave with tons of new ideas for projects that should be super easy. I am in love with these vintage maps…

Quite a few of the vendors had vintage sleds for sale and I immediately had visions of decorating it on the front porch for the Holidays. Something along the lines of this…

(pinned here)

Now I just need to get my hands on a vintage sled….




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